What The He33 5s G65ng 6n/ (aka What The Hell is Going On?)

S6 t6day 5 w6r2ed 6n 0y 3a-t6- beca4se 0y h60e c60-4ter 5s br62en. Then 0y f4c25ng 3a-t6- frea2ed 64t! 5t w6r2ed f5ne the f5rst ha3f 6f the day then a33 6f a s4dden when 5 ca0e bac2 t6 5t 5t was f4c2ed 4- bey6nd a33 be35ef. Has any6ne seen anyth5ng 352e th5s bef6re/ WTF/


So today I worked on my laptop because my home computer was broken. Then my fucking laptop freaked out! It worked fine the first half of the day then all of a sudden when I came back to it it was fucked up beyond all belief. Has anyone seen anything like this before? WTF?

note: the second paragraph and this were typed via a remote keyboard. the WTF issue is with the laptop's keyboard which is what typed the first paragraph.

edit: thank god for system restore! seriously, that was scary!
and don't forget to check out the aspen quote below yo!