Stoopid Kayak Tricks Revisited

On Sunday I usually have parental duties but yesterday Aspen had some Brownie activities to attend to with her mum so I took advantage of the 75 degree day and called Miguel. By 10am we were in the water at one of the local watering holes for the first time this year. The wind was present and the water was a bit choppy and a crisp 47 degrees (this is a stock photo from the same lake last year) so it was not the same as being out on a calm summer afternoon. But that didn't stop us from giving shrinkage the perverbial finger and jumped in (after a few tricks of course - my knee is 99% for those of you who remember). And Yee Haw! My boys are still in hiding! But it's all good. Kayak season has officially begun! The water only gets warmer from here on out. Next trip out? Hopefully Thursday, weather permitting. That evening I'm heading to Hot Buttered Rum String Band, so if that day goes as planned... well, kayaking topped off by a bluegrass concert? Thats a 10 in my book!

edit: one of the 5 guys from my office just quit (yea, i now have seniority!) which means until we get a new 5th guy Thursday will not be my day off. so much for the vision, i'll be at work on thursday afterall. damnit!