Spring Cleaning Update

In the spirit of the 'improvements' I wanted to make in my daily routine I pondered what else could be done in the same vain (vane? vein?).
I have this book Old Path, White Clouds. It is written by a Buddhist monk. It is a large collection of stories about The Buddha incorporating lessons to live by. It's unique in its simplistic yet layered messages. Each chapter 7 pages.
Each night I read 2 short books/stories to Aspen from her collection. As of yesterday it is now our routine for her to select one of her books and one story from Old Path, White Clouds. When the story is done we briefly talk about the 'moral' in its message. Yesterdays lesson was about the deep connection we all share coming from the same source and that to remain 'angry' at eachother is counter productive to our coexistence. Tonite's lesson was the importance of doing the 'right' thing even if everyone you are close to wants you to do otherwise.
The nice thing about this endeavor is that it also incorporates my reading and meditation as well (2 of my other 'improvements' to be worked on).
And while I've been typing this, I did seven leg lifts. That covers the exercise right?

As a side note, I don't know if anyone has noticed but Aspen's site hasn't been updated in a few months. The art she has been working on lately is not scannable nor easily photographed. She has been doing alot of origami and other 3D work. Today she made her first pop-up card for a sick friend. It works perfectly and I'm not sure where she learned how to do it. A butterfly pops out of the center when you open it up. I was highly impressed with not just her skills but her thoughtfulness for her friend.
Wish I had enough energy to go to the car to get my camera but those leg lifts wore me out!