The Road of Rage Diaries Ch 1

Welcome to the first installment of what will surely be a regular post category here at The Nut. I know we here at The Nut come across as all Zen and centered like, but pull into our lane with only feet to spare with no turn signal and that Eightfold Path gets thrown right out the window (and hopefully directly into your windshield causing glass to shatter). Honestly, there is no shortage of oblivious, dumbass, and generally self centered vehicle operators out there. As long as they exist and drive on the same roads as me, then The Road of Rage Diaries shall thrive.

Attention passenger seat rider stopped at the light next to me waiting to turn left when your green arrow appears: Your arrow was indeed green for a good 5 seconds before the car behind you politely drew your attention to it by ever so briefly tapping their horn. Your making a point to display your dissatisfaction to this horn tapping by rolling down your window and valiantly throwing the bird for a good 45 seconds earns you the very first mention in The Road of Rage Diaries. Let your maturity and intelligence be a beacon unto all other drivers.
Keep on Truckin'