"It's time to play 'Name That Moral!' "

So as the sidenote on yesterday's post indicated, I am now in the senior position at my place of employment. I have been there for 6 years this July. The only guy who had been there longer than me arrived just 2 months before me. But he turned in his half days notice yesterday. His is a unique situation which I'll fill you in on now.
He is some 47 years old. He arrived in my neck of the woods after leaving his wife and 3 kids (all teens or younger at the time) with no notice. They lived in Georgia but he had been looking on the internet in certain chat rooms for someone new, someone who could fill the void that his wife and kids couldn't fill. He decided that he found it in one woman in particular who lived in Charlotte. She was married with 3 kids and he knew it but he was sure the grass was greener so he jumped the fence to over here. He convinced married mother of 3 internet woman that he was a man of God (he was at one brief period in his past a minister for some small nameless church). Since she was a church going woman herself this was apparently all she needed to hear to become convinced that this man of the cloth was the man for her so she up and left her husband and family for him. They instantly moved into their own place and started a new life together. Everything was as God had willed it. For about the first month anyway. Then they both realized what a selfish, useless issue laden spouse they had come to be with. It seems that that grass wasn't really greener at all. In fact, it looks more like barren Carolina clay fill dirt than grass at all.
I don't know what all the issues were between these God fearing people but to start things off they make Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman look like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (no exaggeration there!) so that's ONE issue they were going to have to deal with.
Anyway, to make a long story short, their little Garden of Eden came to a halt today when he decided that his recently divorced now ex-wife in Georgia, the one who's been taking care of his kids in his absence, did indeed have a yard full of greener grass than his own. So today, with no warning, he up and left. Headed back for greener pastures. Leaving his blushing bride and her broken up family to fend for themselves.
What cracks me up is that big boss man did nothing but complain today about how insensitive and unexpected this move was by his employee. Even though boss man knew exactly what the circumstances were that brought his reliable employee to these parts in the first place.
"Um, excuse me. Do you think he gave his previous boss, the one he up and left at the same time he up and left his wife and kids in Georgia, a proper 2 weeks notice? No? Then why are you surprised?"