"I do not understand this 'love' that you speak of"

I'm curious... at the risk of sounding like Morrisey, what makes one 'lovable'?
What does one offer someone else that would make them a candidate for being fallen in love with? My thought is that one's presence or company makes someone feel better about themself. If you found someone of whom when they were around you, you seemed to always feel better about yourself, would that be a 'reason' to fall in love with them? I always seem to feel better about myself when there is a playful kitten around. Am I in love with kittens?
I am an extremely analytical person. Everything has to 'make sense' for me. If it doesn't then I'm going to stop you in your tracks and question and requestion and requestion again until it does make sense in all logical forms, only then will I allow you to move on to the next detail of your story (yes, it's a great* quality to have in relationships).
Anyway, sometimes I question the 'logic' of love. And if there were anything in this world that probably wasn't logical it is that (damnit! its 3am and I'm channeling Leonard Nemoy!)
So I sit here wondering what would lead me to fall in love with someone. What would lead me to fall out of love with someone. What would lead someone to fall in love with me. What would lead someone to fall out of love with me. Though upon reading this post we might all have a better idea on that last one eh?
Love for an individual over others is actually contradictory to a Buddhist's approach to life (yes, and a Jedi's too. What's with these damned science fiction/space references??) Your acceptance for each individual should be equal. But when one is 'in love' you clearly have a favor for one over all others.
So, my question is: What do you get out of being in love? What causes you to feel this human emotion of yours? The response seems to be so much more complex than to ask "What makes you angry at someone?" That always seems easy to answer. Why is that?

* sarcasm