Enough Knowledge to go Around

In my ongoing efforts to be all things positive The only time the TV is on while Aspen is around is either the news or Animal Planet; neither during dinner time. That is reserved for music and conversation.
On accident the other day, while enjoying some of my world famous chili, we stumbled upon a fun way to bring up topics to discuss. It's quite easy and entertaining so I pass it on to you.
Pick a topic in your head ('waterfalls' for example) and simply say "Tell me what you know about waterfalls". Your 'opponents' answers will be entertaining, enlightening, engaging, and informative. We chose to play it where we took turns. I would give her a topic then she would give me one. According to her I don't watch enough Animal Planet otherwise when my topic was 'zebras' I would have known that their stripes serve to dissorient Lions when they are being chased.
It was actually quite fun to see what she knew and didn't know about various things. I would jump in and add a thing or two in that rare case when I knew something she didn't about a given topic. For example, with the 'zebras', she wasn't aware that Zebras are what are used to referee polo matches.
It was fun, we both walked away a little smarter. You should try it too. Let me know what you learn.

Sorry Sissy B, no orange type this time. Maybe tomorrow.