Could it be Working?

I few weeks ago I posted that I had (in an effort to be all things positive) begun making a nightly ritual of reading to Aspen a chapter out of Old Path, White Clouds. Knowing that it might not be the most entertaining reading for a 7 year old I also would read her a book of her choosing to supplement it. But as of a few nights ago after we finish a chapter from OP,WC and talk real quick about our ideas on its intended lesson, when I ask her what she wants to read next her response has been to read a second chapter from the book. She's not choosing something from her Dr. Seuss or American Girl collection. Of course the only thing that surpassed my surprise at this was my the broadness of my inner smile. That I didn't need to force feed these kind of life lessons made me feel both proud and at ease.
In fact, last night when the chapter mentioned how Prince Siddhartha (Buddha) was an expert horseman in his youth Aspen interrupted "Oh yeah, I like this book" (Aspen being all things equestrian of course). Afterward, when we discussed how Siddhartha's cousin was jealous and angry because he was better than him at all things they undertook, this was the conversation that took place.
Aspen: "But instead of being mad he could have practiced more"
Me: "I think he was practicing alot, but Siddhartha was always a little better than him"
Aspen: "Well, I'm sure he could have made time to practice on the weekends too"
Me: (suddenly perplexed) "I'm... not... sure... they... had... weekends back then"
Aspen: "You mean they had to go to school every day? No thankyou."
Okay, so I snuck in an Aspen Quote for those of you who actually read my longer posts. The point is that I am my own worst critic on most things in my life, parenting no exception. So I was immensely relieved to see that something I hold dear to my heart (The Dharma) was going to come somewhat naturally to my daughter.
Hopefully when the day comes to teach her that daddy is the only guy out there who isn't evil, that lesson will be as well received.

oh, if anyone out there knows if the 3rd century BC Eastern Indian calander included weekends, please let me know. I'll forward the info on to Aspen.