And I Almost Didn't Go

On Thursday moe. was in town. That's the band I saw in Asheville for New Years. But I didn't feel like seeing them again so soon. So I didn't go. However, a band who has been likened to moe. and Phish (moe. has been likened to Phish a lot too) has been quickly growing in popularity lately was playing at my favorite venue after the moe. show. Tickets were $8. I usually don't get all gussied up and go out on a weekday but an inside source told me that not only was this the last chance to see this band in a place so small but that they are actually very good.
So even though the band didn't hit the stage until 11 fricken:30 in the pm I decided to go (skipping the gussied up part).
And my inside source was right! They are very good! In fact I walked out of the show at 1 i-gotta-be-at-work-in-five-hours:45 in the am realizing that I had just attended the best show in nearly a year (Black Crowes, Asheville, 4/05). And I had recently been to two of my favorite bands (Steve Kimock and Soulive) to boot!
If you want a high energy show with outstanding musicians and cohesive jams with little or no pointless yawn inducing space noodling (if you're not into jam bands you have no idea what I'm talking about right now) then you should check these guys out. Dan, I'm talking to you right now in particular!
I am definitely catching these guys every time they come around from here on out. They hail from Burlington, VT so a lot of their touring takes place on the east coast for now.
The thing that stood out for me was the keyboardist. He is such a musician (think of Frank Zappa on speed and crack) and a ham he would be an eyeful if there was no sound. His setup is six keyboards, and at no point is he only playing just one of them. His playing, singing, antics and overall energy overshadows the guitarist (who also amazed me all night long).
My only regret is not getting a ticket. I got on reserve at the door a few hours before the show. In that case you just get let in with cash and you're not given a ticket. Since they will probably be an arena size attraction within 2 years I would really like to have had a ticket.
The only thing I noticed that struck me wrong was that the guitarist was so similar in every way to Trey Anastasio (Phish, also from Burlington) that it was distracting. However, Trey is one of my favorite guitarists so... I aint complaining!