Three Random Useless Bits o' National News

1- Supreme court to vote on constitutionality of a ban on partial birth abortions.
No exception for rape or incest. My question is: if it was rape or incest, why would the woman ever wait so late in the pregnancy to abort? Oponents say there should be an exception made for when the woman's health is in danger. The thing is there is no case documented where the mother's life was saved with a partial birth abortion when it couldn't have been saved with just an early forced delivery. If the goal is to save the woman's life, why kill the half born fetus/infant uneccessarily in the process?

2- Those eleven thousand (11,000!!!) trailers purchased by FEMA ($300 million!!) for Katrina victims that have been sitting in a muddy field in Hope, AK unused for 4 months are finally starting to get moved to New Orleans.
It takes 5 months to cut through red tape about trailers not being insurable in flood zones? Hmmm, maybe 'Brownie' wasn't the only one doing a "heck of a job" up there in DC.

3- The american beef industry admitted this week that they have routinely been injecting their prepackaged product with carbon monoxide.
This is done to keep the the meat looking red and fresh for longer than it would naturally. The industry is trying to combat millions of pounds of meat that needs to be destroyed anually because it doesnt sell by its 'fresh date'. Anyone having second thoughts about not being vegetarian?