Ten Songwriters that Flip My Lid

I recently covered the guitarists that move and groove me so I thought it only fitting to tip my hat to those songwriters that seem to have an endless creative streak in putting pen to paper and leave us with unbelievably good tunes to enjoy for evermore.

1- Pete Townsend (wont get fooled again, baba o'riley, love reign o'er me... and thats just one album!)
2- Bernie Taupin/Elton John (mona lisas & mad hatters, levon, captain fantastic...)
3- Robert Hunter (the other genious behind the grateful dead)
4- Bob Dylan (she belongs to me, maggies farm, tom thumbs blues, tangled up in blue...)
5- Bruce Springsteen (the rising gives me goose bumps every time)
6- Keith Richards/Mick Jagger (lets pretend that super bowl performance never happened)
7- Paul Mcartney (don't forget his catalog with the wings)
8- Tim Reynolds/Dave Matthews (jimmy thing, ants marching, dont drink the water)
9- Dicky Betts (should have been included in the 10 guitarists list too)
10- and of course... Jimmy Buffett (180 tunes in my ipod. NO OTHER artist comes close to that)