Ten Reasons Super Bowl XXXII was the Best Super Bowl Ever

When all was said and done The Denver Broncos were victorious over The Green Bay Packers. Seasoned sports affecianados began talking. A general opinion formed that Super Bowl XXXII could arguably be considered the best ever. And who am I to not be argumentative? Here are my reasons supporting that position.

1- Elway vs Favre (two hall of famers head to head)
2- The Broncos were only the second wild card team ever to win a Super Bowl
3- The Broncos were a 14 point underdog
4- The outcome wasn't decided until the last 30 seconds of the game
5- The lead changed 4 times throughout the game
6- The Packers were the NFL defending champions
7- John Elway was the sentimental favorite by football fans everywhere
8- Elway's defining moment 'The Dive' is one of the great Super Bowl moments ever
9- After 12 years in the NFL and 3 previous Super Bowl visits, John Elway finally got his ring
10- It brought an end to the NFC 13 year domination streak