Ten Random Useless Bits o' Knowledge

1- Femi, Tish, Jan, Spaceman: I'm working on your CD's.
2- Dan: You also won a CD but have yet to notify me what genre you want or to where I should send it.
3- Finished my taxes today and it looks like the boat will happen this year!!
4- Aspen got her report card today. Femi's daughter may have to share that 'genious' status soon.
5- Tatt is not itching so much today. Another pic as requested will come when it is healed.
6- Word of wisdom: Refrain from using that Tag body spray on your back if you just got it tattooed.
7- No partaking (for the greater good) is in its 3rd week now. Only the first 2 days were even remotely challenging.
8- All desires to chew ice have but subsided ("Victory is mine!")
9- Previously anounced goal to cease and desist consumption of all beverages other than water, tea, milk and juice is on hold until the various 2 liter bottles of soda are expelled from my fridge.
10- Due to an unusually warm winter it would seem allergy season has begun early (ACK!!!)