Ten Guitarists that Freak my Bean

I appreciate good music more than a good glass of crushed ice. And what I really groove to is a good guitarist. One who is truly capable of converting his energy into sound on the spot right before your ears. Here is a list of ten guitarists of whom you may or may not have ever heard. If you appreciate good music and want to expand your listening ear just a tad then check these guys out. They'll flip your lid.

1- Steve Kimock (featured in the castpost above)
2- Fareed Haque (classical, jazz, spanish, world... he covers it all)
3- Trey Anastasio (not for those with weak hearts)
4- Michael Kang (mandolin and guitar maestro)
5- Carlos Santana (speaks for himself)
6- John Scofield (has performed with countless legends including miles davis)
7- David Gilmour (never a flawless note)
8- Neil Young (the grandfather of grundge)
9- Todd Park Mohr (easily comparable to clapton)
10- and of course... Jerry Garcia (that was a sad sad day)

note: this is a list of 'guitarists' that i appreciate; it does not reflect my opinion of their respective bands. for example: trey anastasio is of phish. im not a huge phish fan, too much incoherent noodling that goes nowhere in my opinion. but trey's handy work itself is aural perfection.