Raise Your Hand if...

Raise your hand if upon reflection you feel at any point you have revealed more than you are comfortable with about yourself in your blog. And ultimately was that a good thing or bad thing?

I have been stagnate lately regarding blog efforts. And I have noticed the same thing in close blogging friends too. I consider myself still somewhat new to this (it will be one year on March 10th) so I am observing this 'slacking off' tendency of mine as a new thing. I wonder if it is a short lived phase or a more long term thing. I certainly hope it will be the former. I have divulged details about myself at points where I wondered if I 'should' have. In the end I don't regret anything I've revealed and am probably a stronger person for it. And I certainly can think of items that I have yet to divulge about Bricotrout that I haven't yet summoned up the courage to.

Oh yeah: Tish, Janet, Os, Dan, Erik and femi... your CD's re done and will be shipped today.