"Party on Brico!" "Party on Garth!"

In the comments to the previous post Kristy suggested that my music range wasn't diverse enough. So, I came up with this liitle game:
Of the following ten artists, nine of them are featured in my ipod. The tenth is not in there at all.
Everyone who has guessed correctly by midnight Thursday EST as to which artist listed below is not in my ipod will get a music cd compilation sent to their door *genre will be your choice, artists and tunes will be mine*

1- Alanis Morissette
2- Bing Crosby
3- Carly Simon
4- Charlie Daniel's Band
5- Duran Duran
6- Elvis Presley
7- Eminem
8- Guns & Roses
9- Mel Torme
10- Stan Getz

sorry, you only get one guess. make it count.
and just so's i don't end up having to send out 500 cd's to strangers, to be elligible you have to have commented on my site in the last 90 days. 'anonymous' doesn't count!

"Okay, okay. Excellent, excellent!"