I Got an 'A'! ... for now

So, if you read my blog at all you know I have a pension for saying things before they get filtered through all the proper channels of my cranium (apparently my brain downloaded a backdoor trojan horse type virus at birth and a virus scan program still is yet to locate and quarantine it) which causes me to say stuff that simply shouldnt be said.
And if you read my blog at all you know I am about to face a serious grilling (I mean get aquainted session) with Addict any day now.
Well yesterday Addict was showing me her dungeon room (cleverly disguised to would be offspring suitors as a tattoo parlor) when I was faced with an unannounced little pop quiz.
Upon her drawer/cabinet where various long metal rods used to slowly enter victim's (what she'll claim are customers) flesh was a sticker that read "Does this piercing make me look fat?"
I had to really ponder the possible responses carefully. This wasn't going to be easy...
"Let me see it in some better light"... hmmmm, no, that response would only buy me time at best
"You mean fatter?"... that doesnt seem quite right either though I have been told that answering a question with a question is usually a good 'out'
"Well, more metal added to your body aint gonna help matters any"... nah, thats a long shot
"It doesn't matter, I loved you when you were thin and I love you now"... maybe. I'll hold onto that one for now. It mentions 'love'
"Maybe using a lighter shade of metal for the stud will help"... hmmm, constructive. That's good right?
But for some reason none of these seemed quite right. I was stumped.
Then, out of the blue, before I even knew what hit me, as if some kind of internal processing program picked the answer for me and cleared all the red tape to expediate its verbiage before mistakes could be made, I heard my mouth saying "Oh! The answer to that question is 'No!'"
There was a smattering of light applause. I was pleased... until I realized it was just me clapping.
And while I passed the first one, I have a feeling that this week is going to go like a spelling bee. Answering correctly only means you get to stick around for the next and more challenging question. And the questions keep coming until you slip up.