Changes a Comin'

A few of you are a bit more familiar with the goings-ons in my life than others. So you will understand what's behind this post. If you don't know why I am making this declaration (keep reading) and your curiosity has got the better of you feel free to email me and I'll send out an email explaining things.

As of 4 days ago I made the comitment to refrain from partaking for an indefinate period of time. This in itself isnt such as big deal for me as the reason itself. And I wouldn't normally give it a third thought but what with me no longer chawing on ice, downing the occasional spirit and my having just sworn off all liquids that arent water, milk (for cereal), 100% juice, or tea this might be a bit of a nail biter. The benefits of putting it away for the time being FAR FAR FAR outweigh the potential negative outcome(s) if I don't.
Sooo... wish me luck. All I got left is gum now... sugarless gum of course. sigh.