Another Hand for The Charlotte Police

So tonite I am filling up my tank, which thanks to Exxon's record profits this last quarter now costs me some $45 plus, when an interesting occurrence unfolds before my eyes. A brown pickup truck is parked beside a Suburban. In that brown pickup is a uniformed officer. Walking back out to his Suburban is a grey haired man. Grey haired man falls as he approaches his driver door. In doing so he slams against the pickup and folds in the passenger side mirror. As he slowly gets up annoyed uniformed officer gets out of his pickup and walks around to unfold his mirror. In doing so he gives grey haired man a nasty scowl but says nothing to him. Meanwhile grey haired man stands against his door fumbling with the key as he rocks back and forth trying to maintain balance. Once back in his pickup, uniformed officer scowls once again at grey haired man then drives away. I stare in utter disbelief. I honk at uniformed officer as he passes in front of my jeep which has now sucked up another $30 worth of the worlds resources and even lay on my horn trying to get his attention so that I can give him the biggest "WHAT THE FUCK! slash YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" that anybody has ever given anyone ever. Of course he is oblivious to anything other than his box of donuts that must have been screaming his name from his passenger seat.
As uniformed officer makes his way toward anywhere other than where his duties require I look back at grey haired man who has fallen down beside his truck again. Dropping his bag of goodies in the process. A white car (see picture) has pulled up next to his Suburban by this point so noone around other than me witnesses his stumble.
Then I notice that the car next to me that is also draining the world of a few pennies worth of black gold is owned and being driven by yet another uniformed officer (I shall call him uniformed officer #2). I walk right over to uniformed officer #2 (after making sure that I don't have a joint hanging out of my lips. I rarely have one hanging from my lips but checking first before approaching an officer of the law just makes good sense! And even though I rarely have a dead hooker in my back seat, for some reason I don't feel the need to check for those before approaching Barney fife... interesting...) and bring his attention to the ongoing spectacle that is the grey haired man. His response without any further prodding or convincing from me: "Oh, this should be fun. Thanks."
uniformed officer #2 walks right over to grey haired man who is now on the ground for a 3rd time and helps two other ladies in helping him back up for a 3rd time. I watch intently for several minutes and take a photo of the goings ons (see photo) while grey haired man tries to explain his follies as being diabetically induced.
Long story short, after giving grey haired man a quick breathalizer test he turns toward my vehicle and gives me a thumbs up.
I just feel sorry for whatever crime ridden block uniform officer #1 is in charge of patrolling tonite.