All Apologies (aka Another Game)

I have been a bad blogger buddy as of late. I haven't been visiting even my most regular of blog sites and I feel terrible. Some of yous come so regularly to The Nut and the depth of my appreciation is immeasurable.

Alas, this is the reason for my social stagnation. The evilness that is known as sudoku (SU-do-KU). Have you seen this? Let me warn you now: Unless you too want to have even less free time than you do now, read this post no further! This shit is addictive! The instructions above the box are all you need to know. Each column, row and 3 x 3 grid must have a 1-9 in it. It's just like a crossword in that as you fill in more of the blanks, further blanks become more evident. I'll start you off... notice how the middle left grid has no 4 in it. But the two grids to the right of it both have 4's in them (on the upper row and bottom row). And the grid below it has a 4 in the middle column. That leaves only one open spot where the 4 can go in this grid, on the left middle (between the 8 and 7).

The first of yous who comes back to me with the grid properly filled out will get a free CD compilation (genre your choice, songs selected by me).

edit: Os himself won this one. contest is over. congrats, now get yourself to sudoku detox ASAP!